Computer Administration Services

Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 – Home and Professional, MS Office, Office 365

Computer software, hardware and Cloud Services

Most IT configuration and maintenance

Networking and administration, nbn,Broadband, WiFi setup

Windows security and anti-malware, Data backup, testing and restoration

General  IT services and repairs

Microsoft Windows initial setup and configuration

Let me setup your new Windows PC or laptop right the first time.

First time startup on a new PC requires many Windows Updates, Security configuration, activations, downloads and reboots. I can then install all the utility software, copy data from old computer, set a backup and make the Start screen and desktop look nice.

Computer security and protection.

Just like the locks on your house and car, computers need protection too!

I can advise and install security software for you.

Bug, virus, trojan and evil critter removal.

I don’t care where or how you caught it, I can remove it!

Connecting printers, cameras, iPods, webcams.

Just bought a new shiny thing and can’t make it work?

If you have read the manual, had a go and still can’t make it work Then I can connect it.

Computer software installation, repair and maintenance.

I install and configure new or existing software.

I can recommend free and Open Source software where required and I also recommend Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 for Home and Business.

I WILL NOT work with illegal or pirated software but can remove it and advise on a free alternative.

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