About Me

Hi, I’m Steve Howard

I am a Microsoft systems administrator with extensive experience in Microsoft Windows networks, hardware and software administration and installation, and Cloud services as well. Although I keep my skills up to date with regular training things move fast in IT, so for more complex problems I may not have the answers immediately and need to go away and do some research.

When I am with a customer or working at business premises I often won’t answer the phone as they are paying for my time. The best way to contact me is an email detailing the problem or a text. Please indicate in the message if it is an emergency situation.

Think of me as a computer mechanic, I can maintain or fix the hardware, install and debug programs. I keep the machinery running. I’m not great at teaching people how to use computers but am willing to try point you in the right direction. I have listed some options on the Support and Training Resources page for you to look at.

When it comes to internet connections I can troubleshoot and assist with equipment problems. If the problem is with the service provider (Telstra or Optus for example) we will need to call support for assistance. I am very good at Telstraspeak and have years of working my way through tech support.

If you have problems with running specialist software and you pay for support services we can follow up with them to work things through.

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Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00

Other times by arrangement

Innisfail, Silkwood, El Arish, Bingil Bay, Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, South Mission Beach, Carmoo, Tully